Hitting century

I am feeling very proud to state that I finally achieved 100 followers. It is all because all of you have been a part of my blogging journey. Thanks a lot guys for being with me and supporting me. You guys are the best!!

PS: I love you guys 3000. Next goal 200.( you can help me achieve this)

Meeting Adam and the gold mine- Part 5

I was unable to break the axe so he allotted me to for the work which was not very onerous but was the most laborious. The work of carrying gold from one mine to another. In the first try i tried and i was on the ground halfway. The person next to me chuckled. He was looking friendly and also was looking that he was from a well literate family. He said” My name is Adam. May i know your name gentlemen?” This was a great feeling of reverence for me also god gifted this particular child to meet me in this nasty gold mine. I replied him back and told my name William. He was such a valiant boy that he was screaming his lungs out in front of the master.( he doesn’t acknowledge his presence). I was very eager to interrogate him about this. ” What is all of this happening here? And when will this stop?” i asked. ” This is a gold rush and this won’t stop until our dumb-witted master wishes to. This reply fascinated me. The idea looked interesting but making kids work in this is the worst idea ever that our master has taken. I thought about asking his age but my will said that this is not relevant at the moment. We just talked about this gold mine and introduced me to many people but all my present happiness was broken by the master. He interrupted me in between while i was having a little fun with my friends. It seemed to me that i have just entered hell from heaven.


My first slavery test- part 4

A 2000 volt electric shock has just passes through my body and every synapse was loaded with energy. My master guided me to a dark and murk cave. I would have never imagined that a son of a parent who earns 50000 USD would one day be forced to work in this dreadful place full of smoke. He handed over to me a hefty axe and told me to do an unexpected job. That stupid dumb-witted cheese head told me to break this axe into two. How in this world was he gonna be expecting that from me? I thought he had lost his wits including his brains, but he shouted at me with the top of his voice” Now break this axe into two or you will be broken.” He was threatening a cute scared 12 year old. I seriously wanted to punch into his face but i controlled my anger and frustration. ” This will test your strength and according to this you will be allotted into groups.” he replied. Now this becomes a lot more complex. I have heard people being allotted into groups according to the marks they get in exams but to get allotted into groups of slaves!! Please save me from this misery full life and don’t make this world again a melancholic place for me. I would rather jump from 5 floors then working here.


A heart breaking incident or an unexpected error

Imagine, you are staring at the desktop and eagerly waiting for 100 followers, only 11 steps away and after 8 hours when you were expecting 100 followers, i saw 79! I was just stunned there nothing to say. What the heck is wrong with my Computer? From 89 to 79. Maybe my 10 followers were upset with me and decided to unfollow me or it was a technical error. Whatever it was it made me upset. If you guys know anything about this then please comment on this post and tell me about this.

The obnoxious words by the master- part 3

A 7 feet tall person looking like a pillar, his beard stretching all the way to his chest, the mud soaked into his shoes. This was the first impression of this stranger. His deep croaked voice ordered me to dictate my name? I had already pissed in my pants and I didn’t had to guts to answer him, but my inner soul started reminding me thoughts of courage and wisdom. This caused me to question him “ who are you, and where am I?” “Hola, meet the eminent ruler of the world of slave.” First I thought it was just a nightmare and then I thought I really need hearing aids but after what looked like decades, i interpreted that I am in danger and I will soon work as a slave!


Gazing at the starry night

The tranquil starry night sometimes give me answers that nobody in this world can give. I feel as if the world is a melancholic place full of betrayals happening. I often ponder in my mind about why is this world a cruel place? The starry night has a load of things to say about it. Imagine the peaceful music playing and the tranquil waters of the oceans. The night is as serene as the peaceful music and the tranquil waters. The answer is just revealed. Be calm and enjoy your life.

Liebster award

I’d really like to thank ‘Dragon Warrior’ for nominating me for the Liebster Award. She is a talented writer and suggest all of you to read her posts, all of which are fantastically penned. Thank you so much Dragon Warrior. It is very uvery nih a great privilage.

My nominees-

  1. Mtaggartwriter
  2. The Godly Chic Diaries
  3. Scott Rainer
  4. The Lonely Author Blog
  5. DanaR
  6. Frederick Anderson
  7. Watt
  8. poetryfest
  9. D. Wallace Peach
  10. Child Of God
  11. Anna Waldherr

I am really sorry. I know I forgot a lot of great people. Though all of who I have nominated, they are only a few of the greatest.

Dragon Warrior’s question

  1. What is your favourite song- ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons
  2. Favourite travel destination?- ‘Canada’
  3. Favourite movie?- Home Alone
  4. Favourite fictional character and why?- Harry Potter, simply because of J. K. Rowling’s amazing storytelling
  5. Your biggest dream?- To become a successful author
  6. Do you believe in magic?- Of course!!! My world is a fictional world.
  7. Would you like to come to our planet Cygnet? (a magical world in my mind)- Sure! Sounds very exciting!
  8. Something you cherish?- Reading and writing this wonderful blog
  9. Childhood favourite TV show?- Beyblade
  10. Something you think the whole world needs to know?- That Dragon Warrior, Scott Rainer and Watt are the greatest writers on earth
  11. Something about yourself you would like to change?- Peeking into others’ private details

Facts about myself-

  1. I spend my life dreaming in fictional worlds.
  2. I love rapping and slow songs.
  3. Blogging is one of my favorite passions. (It gives me internal pleasure)
  4. My favorite books are ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Percy Jackson’
  5. I care a lot for my family and friends.
  6. I really hope to conquer the world some day.
  7. I really like to talk to new people.
  8. Stranger excite me, and so does the whole large world.
  9. I sometimes believe in god, and sometimes not.
  10. I love to swim and play lawn tennis.
  11. That’s hell! That’s all I know about myself! I am way too dreamy.

My questions-

  1. Do you believe in aliens?
  2. Do you believe in God?
  3. What is one word you would do to describe your life?
  4. If you would have a time machine, where would you like to go?
  5. Which are your favorite countries?
  6. Favorite books?
  7. What inspires you to go on with your life?
  8. Would you rather live for 120 years? Or for just 10 years)
  9. Who is your favorite philosopher?
  10. What is your opinion on violence?
  11. Do you really believe you are a terrible and screwed up person?

Once again, thank you so much ‘Dragon Warrior’ for entitling me with this colorful opportunity

The dark chamber- part 2

Here i was with tears in my eyes, fear in the mind and my whole body shivering with terror. I was so horrified at what was happening, I was laying paralysed in the stinky awful ground. My watch was the only companion with me, sweat was tricking down my cheeks and if someone had seen me in this state he would clearly say that I have ran a 50 kilometres marathon. The ticking sound of the voice was echoing back in the room. All of a sudden I heard some footsteps, and later I perceived that it was heading towards me. The door was slammed open and then what I saw, I couldn’t elucidate it.

The story continues………

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