My first slavery test- part 4

A 2000 volt electric shock has just passes through my body and every synapse was loaded with energy. My master guided me to a dark and murk cave. I would have never imagined that a son of a parent who earns 50000 USD would one day be forced to work in this dreadful place full of smoke. He handed over to me a hefty axe and told me to do an unexpected job. That stupid dumb-witted cheese head told me to break this axe into two. How in this world was he gonna be expecting that from me? I thought he had lost his wits including his brains, but he shouted at me with the top of his voice” Now break this axe into two or you will be broken.” He was threatening a cute scared 12 year old. I seriously wanted to punch into his face but i controlled my anger and frustration. ” This will test your strength and according to this you will be allotted into groups.” he replied. Now this becomes a lot more complex. I have heard people being allotted into groups according to the marks they get in exams but to get allotted into groups of slaves!! Please save me from this misery full life and don’t make this world again a melancholic place for me. I would rather jump from 5 floors then working here.


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