Apocalypse fallen on the earth

The world was cracking apart, and breaking into two. It felt as if lighting came dashing over this world, and a shining light filled our eye site. The human kind were born to make this world better not to cause destruction. Ashes all round the place, the fire blazing and the screams of the people echoing back every time i take a step forward. The people deeply buried under the buildings and the fire is taking over us to handle this Earth better. But nobody knows what may happen to this world. What will happen after the humans are wiped out from this earth. What? Something humongous just raised out from the land like it is the almighty god and has always been there for us. The flowers blossomed again, the trees cherished. Beauty was rising from the ashes.

Photo by Stefan Stefancik on Pexels.com

I am on my way

I am on my way,

After crossing 1000 miles,

Rafting through a couple of oceans,

Crossing the Sahara desert,

Jumping from the cliffs,

To achieve my main motive,

Touching the heights of the sky,

You many find several like me,

All for a single reason,

To be their dreams,

And conquer them.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Midnight Halloween Party

Thousands of candles illuminated in the graveyard blessing them with serenity and happiness. The candy store looked gloomy and spooky with a long line behind it. I joined the crowd and it took an eternity to have myself facing the candy seller and making my mouth sweet. People all around wearing fancy costumes and the moon half reflecting their shadow. As I went downhill I saw a child in the costume of Darth Vader knocking on the door of an old aged woman and saying the old tradition phrase ‘ trick or treat’. It was already midnight but nobody was sleeping maybe just for the fact ghosts are haunting this day. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

On a road to somewhere

Walking down the streets of paradise,

Glancing across the still glass,

A million lamps illuminated high in the sky,

The cries of the little babies,

All faded by,

As I walked downhill,

Perhaps I never knew I would perish,

Or perhaps I never knew that I was on the path to heaven,

I stumbled upon complete silence,

Mind in complete puzzlement,

The road went far by,

Till a 100 miles,

For crossing them it felt an eternity,

But they never came back,

All I could say in between of this dilemma was,

I was on a road to somewhere.

Sunshine’s endless possibilities

The sun shines on my face,

And the glamour reflected there,

Long palm trees and the coconut hanging alone,

I see the endless possibilities for the divine sunshine,

Because every thing has a dark side,

The glimpse of the cherished trees,

Eccentric  across the colossal world,

The possibilities never ending,

If they keep pondering it will cause a dilemma,

Because the sunshine comes here with many reasons,

And if you start counting them,

They would never end. 

Merging colours of life

My mind took a curve which was first following a straight path. Like orange blue and cherry red. Two ways to follow on the road of this milestone for the shadiest of the thoughts bring something new, something obscure. I open my eyes every morning to see the morning sun never expecting to meet the starry night but lay mine had it all. Opening my thoughts and dreams brining in this colourful life which was first a colour later became a shade for the electric eyes. Black rubies, Red Diamonds all embedded in my mind but to choose over one made my eyes look beyond. My ocean of mind raging through the inferno beneath it which lied in the darkest side of my mind.

Glamour Clamour

Glamour shines on my face,

A touch of golden flare.

Pink strawberries, vanilla and spice,

A hint of poetics here and there.

My heart breaks into a million echoes,

Tars spread near and wide.

Lines with gold and flowers,

And a body that is electrically divine.

And I tell myself,

“Hey listen. Your heart is beating fast.

For you are in a joy unknown before.

It’s your birthday today. Happy birthday to me .”

Seeing the world with electric eyes

I looked beyond the obnoxious truth,

Like the life embedded with many jewels,

Beneath the sun from the ascension,

and like the golden cries,

Voltage bolts thru me,

Optimistic feeling spilled all over my mind,

Oh, can you give me your glamour so divine,

The beauty once again eccentric to the normal eyes,

And as the parting ways from the life,

Those golden truths that cost a fortune,

My thoughts piercing through them,

Just like fire from ice,

And just like those ecstatic dreams from agony and pain.

Prayers that we say before we go to sleep

Night-time shades burn my eyes. The light goes on and off like a vintage electronic. I look up, then look down, then look left and right and under at the silent sky and the walls which are a rather dirty shade of blue.

My thoughts are killing me, and my dreams are hurting my eyes; I am lost in the sidewalks of an earthy world that is floating high and looming low. Spirits, catastrophes….. Eat me like I’m the softest rock in your lovely grip.

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