Apocalypse fallen on the earth

The world was cracking apart, and breaking into two. It felt as if lighting came dashing over this world, and a shining light filled our eye site. The human kind were born to make this world better not to cause destruction. Ashes all round the place, the fire blazing and the screams of the people echoing back every time i take a step forward. The people deeply buried under the buildings and the fire is taking over us to handle this Earth better. But nobody knows what may happen to this world. What will happen after the humans are wiped out from this earth. What? Something humongous just raised out from the land like it is the divine power and has always been there for us. The flowers blossomed again, the trees cherished. Beauty was rising from the ashes.

Photo by Stefan Stefancik on Pexels.com

Eccentric distraction

The relishing music in the air, soothed down into tranquility. The Piano stopped playing, leaving the last note to echo in the room, for quite some moments. Later, dead silence was laid in front of the room. The silence was smothered like a golden Phoenix reborn, from the fireplace. The pianist, gawked out of his window willing to go outside the room, after seeing the clamour. Soon, the wind’s changed it directions turning into a whirlwind, and eventually making a hindrance in the way of the pianist to go out. He again sat on the chair, and then the tunes were heard again.

Life in Corona

It’s been about 24 hours,

I have been staring at the clock

Hoping some day, life wouldn’t stare at such a deadlock.

I have been counting the number of star,

I have sewed a thousand loons.

I have been watching superstars,

I have listened to a 100 tunes.

I have been playing the Guitar,

I have blown a thousand balloons.

Boredom has left a deep scar,

And all day long I am watching cartoons.

Getting paid back

A midget error came in mankind,

And it caused more than destruction,

The system stopped working,

And lead us to the right direction.

It came as a joke,

And then perished hundreds of lives,

Leaving a message to our hearts.

It was like a punishment to our sins to the nature,

And we got paid back.

We developed too far,

That we forgot what was the beauty.

We forgot the beauty that has been lost,

And the beauty has been turning to a beast,

And giving all of us what we deserved.

Photo by Joanne Adela Low on Pexels.com


My gaze went till my eyes saw the paradise which was never ending. The high elevated canopy, the pine trees aligned, the place to walk in between those tress all attracted my attention. The fly next to me started hovering above me, and jiggle next to me, and tried to communicate something. She jiggled and then went far away into the lost beauty which was unawakened. The fly went to it’s home which was soon perishing, the nature’s gift that we got is slowly getting diminished. It was a lost beauty full of those treasures that are not discovered, and it feels as if I am on an odyssey that has never been taken before.

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

Failing yesterday

It is time to move on. The sunset is still there, and so is hope. It felt like I once crashed into a barren land, but now it houses a river. I have been turning better and better each day and with every step that I take it makes me like I am walking towards a new destiny, that I am going to decide on myself. It left me broken and all the lies have been adding the bulk and mayo mind feels as heavy as these lies that were once spoken to me and will be spoken again….

Photo by Keegan Houser on Pexels.com

It’s an absurd world

It seems like the world is coming back from an irrevocable U-turn, crossing thru alleys of grief and piers of blues to coming back to being so very happy. Bit it’s little more that absurd where the one an addiction to screens and pages is forced to quit and the when glued to freedom is innately slaughtered. The high school boy who chooses to be a nerd us called eccentric, while the ultimate failure is forced to spend his childhood gasping for breath


Enthusiasm and overwhelming,

Running through my veins and blood,

I did it,

I made it happen,

I went ahead cringing,

To take the stage,

My self belief made it happen,

My high ambitious dreams were successful,

My achievements were unlocked,

My mission was accomplished,

Self belief,

The most powerful weapon in the world,

Using it at the right time,

Without the excess use,

Otherwise it will get rusted,

And won’t be able to fight others.

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com


 Ornaments and flowers,
Beaches and wine.
I could give you my voice,
But first give me your glamour, so divine.
I could read out Ulysses to you,
Speaking words which with I made myself,
And lies with which we hurt ourselves.
I could be you like an Ernest Hemingway novel.
And write for you,
In a sun-packed hotel.
But I do not.

Hear me writer,
i am a fold you know.
You have seen many strangers,
But they weren't kind to you.
Fail me better,
Another day another time.
Laugh out louder,
You shall be a happy man,
In the limelight.

The Minor Opera

Those days were the days of love. We were wild and free. We were young and beautiful. In the velvet moonlight, dancing by the beach in our blue nightgowns, we couldn’t help singing each other songs all night, bewildering operas that only we could ever dare to sing. The beauty lay upon us.

Happiness is a restless feeling. It may bloom in the summer, but it’s not waterproof either. The same can’t be said wrong about love. The opera suddenly went low. It’s tone dropped. The chord was when that scared the falcons and crows away. It was sad, and desperate. And then it completely broke. The crowd got up to leave. Some left. Some jeered. Some felt sorry. And then it was all over.


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