An unexpected place for shelter- part 1

The strong wind was whipping through my face and the threatening clouds and the sky were not in a good mood. As i was hurtling in ankle deep water and my legs were drenching. My whole body was trying to reflect back the rain but the fierce mighty rain was very firm about its brutal actions. My whole body was racking with pain. By a sudden disgrace the weather became too stormy. I was just stunned about the capricious change in the weather. before i had time to react, i felt as if somebody has slammed me and knocked me off. The next time i got a glimpse of this world was 4 hours later when i found myself captivated and my hands tied up. I had no intention of being in this dreadful place, i was just a 12 year old weak and tired boy who was walking down the street and finding a place for shelter.


5 inspiring quotes that can motivate anybody

  1. “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start from where you are and change the ending.”
  2. I was once told by my grandmother who raised me, if you are put on a road, and you look ahead and you don’t like the destination, and you look behind and you don’t want to return to that place. Step off the road.”
  3. ” A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. “
  4. “There will be doubters, there will be obstacles, there will be mistakes but with hard work there are no limits.”
  5. “ live like you are going to die tomorrow and learn like you are going to live forever.”

A short beautiful journey

The life is a journey,

The road is very stormy,

Achieving milestones is the goal,

Maintaining your health and control,

Obstructions will never stop,

They keep coming up nonstop,

Ignore them and keep moving on,

From sunset till the dawn ,

Life is a path going up and down,

Like the curves of the hills,

Sometimes green, sometimes brown,

Sometimes soft, sometimes hard to feel,

And impossible to take.

Up and down in a choppy path,

Surprises and shocks to come around,

Beasts and bushes, warmth and wrath,

Light and dark both found in a quest called life.

This was made with the collaboration of dragon warrior. we both added some information about the topic. dragon warrior worked very hard for this and i really appreciate her efforts. The first 8 lines are by me and the rest are contributed by dragon warrior.

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amidst the stars

between the stars,

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lies the one whose beauty cannot be defined,

it shines so bright,

it can be noticed with naked eyes,

lies within the golden miles,

cries beneath the golden sky,

spreads its happiness to everyone,

whatever sins you have done,

all are forgotten at once,

he is the mightiest of all,

the supreme lord,

please him once hell will be gone,

whoever you are,

he is not very far,

he provides a helping hand,

for the betterment of our lifes,

and the faith in him will always be alive.

World domination

World domination is one thing that i would love to do it. Conquering the world and its people would have been my dream only if no violence was used. Unlike Adolf Hitler,world domination would not mean to captivate people and kill them. For me,world domination is to make this world a better place for the entire human race. Working with collaboration and helping others is worlds domination. if you do these simple steps you would have a domination over the people and they will trust and follow you.

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Between the solitude and the mountain

With all of my force and energy I screamed at the top of my voice for help, but the humongous arrogant mountains just reflected back my voice. All my efforts went into vain. I was feeling very frightened and isolated. I was familiar with frightening, but I didn’t know how to cope up with isolation. It bothered me a lot. To me solitude seemed as a path to hell. I was felling like the lightning came dashing over me, and as if the divine curse had befallen over me. It seemed to me that only divine intervention can save me from this catastrophic situation.

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