I am ready to face you

I am ready to face death,

I think it as a gift of peace,

Eternal peace and joy,

Escaping from this melancholic world.

I am not afraid of you,

Cause I live to die,

And I die to live.

You are choosing the right person,

Come and hunt for me,

Tell my family members to not mourn,

Because it is a part of life,

I wish I could have changed the world,

You can complete my debt to the god,

Come death I am ready to face you,

My spirit will rise from my grave to haunt this world,

I am always ready to go,

Whenever you have fixed the date in your calendar.

I am not afraid of you death,

I wish we could have a combat,

You are dearest to my life,

You are the quest to peaceful life.

Come death I am ready to face you,

Cause I live to die,

And I die to live.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

16 thoughts on “I am ready to face you

  1. Good stuff. Not sure what the cross has to do with death, except Christ’s, About the middle stanza –one of them–I see some kind of transition. Is the poem about Christ or someone else? It began as though it were the narrator, then I was confused as to whom was facing death. I may be a former teacher but I need help! 😀 To be fair, please subject my writing to the same kind of analysis—I could even agree with you! 😀

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    1. The poem is about death. I am sorry that I inserted the picture of Christ’s symbol however I just searched death on the free pixel and it showed this. In the middle stanza I was talking with the death, that please complete my debt to god. Which in the sense means, that please say to god that I was not able to make this world better. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it, and of course I will try to give feedback in a day or so. Just stay connected with me.

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