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Meeting Adam and the gold mine- Part 5

I was unable to break the axe so he allotted me to for the work which was not very onerous but was the most laborious. The work of carrying gold from one mine to another. In the first try i tried and i was on the ground halfway. The person next to me chuckled. He was looking friendly and also was looking that he was from a well literate family. He said” My name is Adam. May i know your name gentlemen?” This was a great feeling of reverence for me also god gifted this particular child to meet me in this nasty gold mine. I replied him back and told my name William. He was such a valiant boy that he was screaming his lungs out in front of the master.( he doesn’t acknowledge his presence). I was very eager to interrogate him about this. ” What is all of this happening here? And when will this stop?” i asked. ” This is a gold rush and this won’t stop until our dumb-witted master wishes to. This reply fascinated me. The idea looked interesting but making kids work in this is the worst idea ever that our master has taken. I thought about asking his age but my will said that this is not relevant at the moment. We just talked about this gold mine and introduced me to many people but all my present happiness was broken by the master. He interrupted me in between while i was having a little fun with my friends. It seemed to me that i have just entered hell from heaven.



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