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A heart breaking incident or an unexpected error

Imagine, you are staring at the desktop and eagerly waiting for 100 followers, only 11 steps away and after 8 hours when you were expecting 100 followers, i saw 79! I was just stunned there nothing to say. What the heck is wrong with my Computer? From 89 to 79. Maybe my 10 followers were upset with me and decided to unfollow me or it was a technical error. Whatever it was it made me upset. If you guys know anything about this then please comment on this post and tell me about this.


7 thoughts on “A heart breaking incident or an unexpected error

  1. It might just be a technical error. But keep going with the flow and the readers will show up. Just keep focusing on your posts and making them the very best you can. This is something I learned early on (and I’ve been blogging for 5 1/2 years). Don’t worry about the numbers, just keep writing my dear! Cher xo


    1. Thanks a lot for your support and tips. You have a lot of experience! Just keep writing and people will automatically come to me. This is a wonderful tip and it is out of the box from that blogging mentality.

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      1. You’re welcome, William. Besides writing good posts, comment on other people’s posts, follow others (that you wish to follow, blogs that you are interested in), and share people’s posts. I had to learn this along the way, but these are my best advice notes to new bloggers! Cher xo

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