an obnoxious truth ( with an added part )

As he sat beside him tears came trickling down his cheeks. The vivid memory of him was passing through my every synapse in my body. It was an obnoxious truth which was behind my Utopian world. The nostalgic feeling echoed back towards me and piercing me like fire from ice and with my heart shattered.

Seeing the world with electric eyes

I looked beyond the obnoxious truth,

Like the life embedded with many jewels,

Beneath the sun from the ascension,

and like the golden cries,

Voltage bolts thru me,

Optimistic feeling spilled all over my mind,

Oh, can you give me your glamour so divine,

The beauty once again eccentric to the normal eyes,

And as the parting ways from the life,

Those golden truths that cost a fortune,

My thoughts piercing through them,

Just like fire from ice,

And just like those ecstatic dreams from agony and pain.

Prayers that we say before we go to sleep

Night-time shades burn my eyes. The light goes on and off like a vintage electronic. I look up, then look down, then look left and right and under at the silent sky and the walls which are a rather dirty shade of blue.

My thoughts are killing me, and my dreams are hurting my eyes; I am lost in the sidewalks of an earthy world that is floating high and looming low. Spirits, catastrophes….. Eat me like I’m the softest rock in your lovely grip.

It’s an absurd world

It seems like the world is coming back from an irrevocable U-turn, crossing thru alleys of grief and piers of blues to coming back to being so very happy. Bit it’s little more that absurd where the one an addiction to screens and pages is forced to quit and the when glued to freedom is innately slaughtered. The high school boy who chooses to be a nerd us called eccentric, while the ultimate failure is forced to spend his childhood gasping for breath

A box of fear

Spinning around the space,

My head revolving with a deep sight,

The powers had that ace,

They kept the world alight,

My mind is held high,

Like the book of the words,

With broken into fragments,

You can make it true,

The beauty eccentric to us,

Like the morning sun,

The kingdom woke up to discuss,

The collision of the one,

The godly power had that will,

To cause apocalypse still,

So you better stay away,

Till the world’s death day. 

The nature has left me speechless

I have nothing to say more,

You have left me speechless.

Fascinating answers are full in my mind,

That keep wondering about this world.

The god had made the nature,

Which is the biggest gift human kind has got,

The birds chirping and the sun rising,

In the adorable sky.

The fire blazing,

The river rising,

This is what nature is,

For the quest to cheerfulness.

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The creepy sounds

Amidst the trees and bushes,

In the dark deep lonely forest,

With a deep sight,

I went ahead there,

Perhaps I never knew I would perish,

Half a mile in the forest,

And the sounds came,

Not of the vehicles,

Not of the people,

Of the ferocious beasts that lived there.

I was bathing with a man eating shark,

Riding on the top of a tiger,

Playing with the lion’s mane,

And howling with the wolf,

Rather I would spend my life here,

In the lonely woods.

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A street walk ( 1st part )

The hot tea kettle, placed beside the table and two cups at their places to be filled with them. With a swift move, my hands were with contact with the cups. As I took a slurp of the tea, I got a glimpse of my garden in which the flowers were budding. After a warm bath which refreshed my mood, I took on my shoes slightly adjusting the grip with my hands and went to the streets. A comforting day, with a fresh start to the world. An African lady walking past by me, an infant crying and some children enjoying their auspicious childhood days. The cold breeze whipping through my face, and sending a shiver upon my spine. The artistic street wall painting, crafted in different melodic colours. I entered McDonald’s, ate one hamburger and walked out. I simply detest eating apple pie, so one hamburger is enough to last me till the afternoon. The hustling bustling of the city, with my sunglasses on as the sun slowly and steadily shining more brighter. Some teens staring at the old Ford Mustang version of 1967. Billboards soaring high up in the limitless sky. It was a perfect start to such a comforting day until the presence of somebody was perceptible. I felt as if somebody was following me.

The story continues…

The auspicious days

The days of youth were the days of paradise. Perhaps I wasted them, or perhaps I made too much a fuss of those- I can’t understand yet, though one thing I understand, there is no power more colorful and more valiant than the power of youth.

I remember the child who was less human and has the traits of a monkey, the teacher’s whip that came crackling on the head, and the exotic anecdotes of innocent mischief.

Beauty lies among us

Beauty lies within us,

You just look a little far from your premises,

Identifying it is difficult,

But the end result would be great,

The nature,

The birds chirping,

Fire blazing,

 The river rising,

The Croaks of the frog,

The slithering snail,

There is so much in this world,

To see,

To observe,

To explore. 

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