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Failing yesterday

It is time to move on. The sunset is still there, and so is hope. It felt like I once crashed into a barren land, but now it houses a river. I have been turning better and better each day and with every step that I take it makes me like I am walking towards a new destiny, that I am going to decide on myself. It left me broken and all the lies have been adding the bulk and mayo mind feels as heavy as these lies that were once spoken to me and will be spoken again….

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It’s an absurd world

It seems like the world is coming back from an irrevocable U-turn, crossing thru alleys of grief and piers of blues to coming back to being so very happy. Bit it’s little more that absurd where the one an addiction to screens and pages is forced to quit and the when glued to freedom is innately slaughtered. The high school boy who chooses to be a nerd us called eccentric, while the ultimate failure is forced to spend his childhood gasping for breath


Enthusiasm and overwhelming,

Running through my veins and blood,

I did it,

I made it happen,

I went ahead cringing,

To take the stage,

My self belief made it happen,

My high ambitious dreams were successful,

My achievements were unlocked,

My mission was accomplished,

Self belief,

The most powerful weapon in the world,

Using it at the right time,

Without the excess use,

Otherwise it will get rusted,

And won’t be able to fight others.

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 Ornaments and flowers,
Beaches and wine.
I could give you my voice,
But first give me your glamour, so divine.
I could read out Ulysses to you,
Speaking words which with I made myself,
And lies with which we hurt ourselves.
I could be you like an Ernest Hemingway novel.
And write for you,
In a sun-packed hotel.
But I do not.

Hear me writer,
i am a fold you know.
You have seen many strangers,
But they weren't kind to you.
Fail me better,
Another day another time.
Laugh out louder,
You shall be a happy man,
In the limelight.

The Minor Opera

Those days were the days of love. We were wild and free. We were young and beautiful. In the velvet moonlight, dancing by the beach in our blue nightgowns, we couldn’t help singing each other songs all night, bewildering operas that only we could ever dare to sing. The beauty lay upon us.

Happiness is a restless feeling. It may bloom in the summer, but it’s not waterproof either. The same can’t be said wrong about love. The opera suddenly went low. It’s tone dropped. The chord was when that scared the falcons and crows away. It was sad, and desperate. And then it completely broke. The crowd got up to leave. Some left. Some jeered. Some felt sorry. And then it was all over.


The nature has left me speechless

I have nothing to say more,

You have left me speechless.

Fascinating answers are full in my mind,

That keep wondering about this world.

The god had made the nature,

Which is the biggest gift human kind has got,

The birds chirping and the sun rising,

In the adorable sky.

The fire blazing,

The river rising,

This is what nature is,

For the quest to cheerfulness.

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Walking forth thru valleys

With the rising sun,

My blurred vision from a cold side,

Coned green cherished tree,

The gracious chilly ice slipping from them,

The rocky stone shaped as a man in solitude,

Rubies and diamonds embedded in the sky,

The haziest of the cloud makes the way to the heaven,

Like those valleys make the way,

I wish I had an angel to stand by my side,

For the valleys say it all,

Like divine complexion, with those golden dreams,

Situated beneath the golden sky,

And the tears of joy packed inside,

Between the morning sun and the starry night,

For the valleys say it all.

Mind without a fear to take a step,

When you don’t have anything to lose,

So why worry for a trifle thing,

And the birds, chirping,

The only reason nobody knows why,

When life is not living worth,

Cause they are not a part of the human kind,

For the valleys say it all. 

Singing a song of absurdity,

Time passed by,

So does the nature of the valley,

Birds weren’t chirping,

Sun wasn’t shining,

Stars weren’t sparkling, 

My ocean of mind,

Stuck between this dilemma,

The godly powers raised from the sea,

The world perishing into nothingness,

Here it was,

To give the punishments for our sins,

And the mankind deserved what it did,

But the valley came back into it’s beauty,

For the valleys say it all.

Prayers that we say before we go to sleep

Night-time shades burn my eyes. The light goes on and off like a vintage electronic. I look up, then look down, then look left and right and under at the silent sky and the walls which are a rather dirty shade of blue.

My thoughts are killing me, and my dreams are hurting my eyes; I am lost in the sidewalks of an earthy world that is floating high and looming low. Spirits, catastrophes….. Eat me like I’m the softest rock in your lovely grip.

Merging colours of life

My mind took a curve which was first following a straight path. Like orange blue and cherry red. Two ways to follow on the road of this milestone for the shadiest of the thoughts bring something new, something obscure. I open my eyes every morning to see the morning sun never expecting to meet the starry night but lay mine had it all. Opening my thoughts and dreams brining in this colourful life which was first a colour later became a shade for the electric eyes. Black rubies Red Diamonds all embedded in my mind but to choose over one made my eyes look beyond. My ocean of mind raging through the inferno beneath it which lied in the darkest side of my mind.

Apocalypse fallen on the earth

The world was cracking apart, and breaking into two. It felt as if lighting came dashing over this world, and a shining light filled our eye site. The human kind were born to make this world better not to cause destruction. Ashes all round the place, the fire blazing and the screams of the people echoing back every time i take a step forward. The people deeply buried under the buildings and the fire is taking over us to handle this Earth better. But nobody knows what may happen to this world. What will happen after the humans are wiped out from this earth. What? Something humongous just raised out from the land like it is the divine power and has always been there for us. The flowers blossomed again, the trees cherished. Beauty was rising from the ashes.

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