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It’s an absurd world

It seems like the world is coming back from an irrevocable U-turn, crossing thru alleys of grief and piers of blues to coming back to being so very happy. Bit it’s little more that absurd where the one an addiction to screens and pages is forced to quit and the when glued to freedom is innately slaughtered. The high school boy who chooses to be a nerd us called eccentric, while the ultimate failure is forced to spend his childhood gasping for breath


15 thoughts on “It’s an absurd world

  1. I end up doing much of the editing of poetry, or whatever anyone writes, in my own mind. But that is where the creativity and magic begin! God brings sanity to an otherwise absurd world. Coming back or going from… the U turns are always there. Predictable, and yet NO they’re not! Happiness depends upon the tides of the mind. And all of our true Consciousness comes from God. Our freedom is, but isn’t. It is a very fragile thing that must be guarded and preserved. Ultimately, God ALONE determines our success or failure in this Life. Let’s all live it well. Timothy

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