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A street walk ( 1st part )

The hot tea kettle, placed beside the table and two cups at their places to be filled with them. With a swift move, my hands were with contact with the cups. As I took a slurp of the tea, I got a glimpse of my garden in which the flowers were budding. After a warm bath which refreshed my mood, I took on my shoes slightly adjusting the grip with my hands and went to the streets. A comforting day, with a fresh start to the world. An African lady walking past by me, an infant crying and some children enjoying their auspicious childhood days. The cold breeze whipping through my face, and sending a shiver upon my spine. The artistic street wall painting, crafted in different melodic colours. I entered McDonald’s, ate one hamburger and walked out. I simply detest eating apple pie, so one hamburger is enough to last me till the afternoon. The hustling bustling of the city, with my sunglasses on as the sun slowly and steadily shining more brighter. Some teens staring at the old Ford Mustang version of 1967. Billboards soaring high up in the limitless sky. It was a perfect start to such a comforting day until the presence of somebody was perceptible. I felt as if somebody was following me…




Time ceased to have stir in the air, and waited for a long time. They both glared at each other, and the silence is reborn. It looks like I am lost in a sea of clone troopers, waiting for the Emperor to give his orders. An inferno was smothered into nothingness, and I was reborn like a golden Phoenix. The bees started sucking nectar from the honeycomb, life came back. Within, my forces lied an octopus of lies and truth. It had 8 legs, and each of them had different shades. Every song sung seemed like a lullaby levitating towards eternal peace. No one spoke a word, and the silence was gloomy.

The snowy cold evening.

The cold air whipping through my face caught my breath and sent a shiver upon my spine. The winter was already here, and the lights has gone off soon. I went across the road and looked down at the spherical and colourful world that I see. The flickering lights, the snowy evening and between all of this a person which is just gawking around all of this without getting any clue what is happening. He stood there long, till the plant and the creeper grew enough to eat himself by his side. He rested on the footpath of the old road that made it’s way to the black and old mountains. An eerie feeling of the dark angel gripping his hands and flying away and raised at an astonishing height which none of us could ever imagine. The angel of darkness has swiped out another piece of shining light. It had eaten the person like it is the softest rock in it’s lovely grip.

Oh, Angels sing

The seasons changed,

The angels sings,

Time varies so does change,

You sing beautifully,

You sing in melody,

Love your all perfect imperfections,

Shower us with your blessings,

That make the dead alive,

Or make the person wise and bright,

Bring a new colour,

Mix the two crossroads,

Blessed us with this tree of life,

I wish I can continue this fight for life,

You wrap me around your cosy arms,

I feel the warm inside,

Eat me like I am the softest rock in your lovely grip.

Thanksgiving day

Happy Thanksgiving day to all. We should thank for the harvest we got this year and will get in the next years. Also I have a couple of things to tell you all. You all have supported me colossally and it really touched my heart. We have reached more than 500 people following us. It is great but this is not we are here for. I am having fun with you guys. Love you all. Once again wishing you.

Withstanding the force

I stood with all my might,

Thinking what will happen tonight,

Knowing the force will pierce me,

But still able to withstand it,

It stood alone,

In the darkness,

In the light,

It headed towards me,

And I was ready to feel it,

But there was something larger,


and stronger,

That kept me pushing my way,

Scratching through all the thorns and the difficulties,

The star shined and sparkled bright till it touched the sky.

an obnoxious truth

As he sat beside him tears came trickling down his cheeks. The vivid memory of him was passing through every synapse in my body. It was an obnoxious truth which was behind my Utopian world. The nostalgic feeling echoed back towards me and piercing me like fire from ice and with my heart shattered.

Reaching for the stars

The sky moved at the pace of larghetto,

Moving forth thru shade of Colors,

This has the silence broken,

We no longer communicate.

I had a deep fear in my skull inside,

Laying at the mind which was the dark side,

I gawk at stars in astonishment,

Wondering what they were,

Never knowing the meaning behind the air,

A voice echoed in my ear,

Breaking it in million pieces,

Calling at the far side,

I can’t reach up so I keep you close,

I couldn’t achieve it but it often shows,

I took the big leap,

When time flew us by,

I reached for the stars.


I gawk around the sphere,

Looking for something that will catch me eye,

But random things scattered and spread,

And randomness feeling all around.

Nails of boredom,

Piercing through me,

But that is what taught me the art of patience,

And random colours spread across.

Amy day can be your best,

Any day can be your worst,

Any day can make you happy,

Amy day can make you hurt,

But these are the random colours pinned to a point,

After all I am feeling randomness all around.

Days of youth

The days were the days of paradise,

The beauty eccentric to the naked eyes,

Most colourful,

Most valiant,

Most ecstatic,

were the days of youth,

When you and I were forever wild,

The beauty lied in every act,

The way you played with me like a child.

Didn’t knew the difference between right and wrong,

Took many wrong decisions,

But still wasn’t caught,

Had that feeling everyday,

To celebrate it’s every moment and day.

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