The midnight lamp

With the oil it keep burning,

For it depicts a lot,

In the lonely night,

With the flickering of you,

The preparation of tomorrow,

All rests on your shoulder,

Don’t leave alone,

There is so much to do in this world,

Keep burning on,

With all your might,

Extra oil is what you need,

Anything at the drop of a hat,

But till that point keep burning.

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Heal yourself and others

Dancing by the velvet moonlight doesn’t means healing,

Don’t just live for yourself,

Just give a thought only once,

About other people in this world,

If you can’t do great things,

Then for the small thing you do,

Do them greatly,

Heal your lies that mark you,

Heal other people’s life,

Heal for the betterment of this world.

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The lights flickered

As I was walking down the street, the street lights flickered and created an eerie setting. The moon and the stars, warmly nested in the adorable sky, whose beauty is hunted by the celestial objects. The moonlit doors of the houses were all locked, and was just reflecting back them. It felt as if I was in solitude and the only man alive was me. As I kept heading down towards the path, I was stunned by all the awkward stuff that was going on here. I felt as if somebody was spectating me. There was something going wrong there. The presence of somebody was perceptible.

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Petrel41( awarded me for this, and I am really grateful to him for such his kind gesture. Answer to some of his questions-

  1. I don’t have any favourite visual artist.
  2. I don’t have any favourite bird species.
  3. Humans.
  4. My favourite insect is cockroach.
  5. Money plant
  6. United States and India
  7. Mars

My nominees-

Dragon warrior(

In mind and out (

David Redpath (

Watt (

Scott Rainer (

Racoltpetrua6 (

Sadia Noor (

Question for the nominees-

  1. When did you start blogging?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Your favourite subject?
  4. Purpose behind blogging?
  5. How do you feel about this world?
  6. Do you like to read books? If then, so which all?
  7. What are your thoughts on death and life?

An old memory

I was viewing my photo album,

Just remembering my old ones.

I wish they could have stayed longer,

To have more conversations,

To have met more people,

And seen more skies,

Below which I swooned.

I was thinking of the old days,

When I began to wonder,

If only I had read more books,

And whistle more tunes to myself,

I’d have been not a vagabond at heart today.

Perhaps it was only for the good.

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I’d like to thank Scott Rainer for having written a large part of this poem, and inspiring me to write the rest. he is an amazing writer of great talent.

Silent hour

Nobody moved,

Nothing changed,

All of them were at their places,

I was waiting for a ice-breaker,

I was afraid to do it by myself,

The ticking sound echoed in the ear,

It was such a silent place,

Pin-drop-silence is not a strong adjective to describe the silence,

As silent as the night,

As silent as the stars.

This continued happening,

Till another silent hour passed by.

Photo by Buenosia Carol on

Do not let me fade

A black eyed bird, comfortably adjusting herself to the branch. The moonbeams were slowly fading away from the tree. It felt as if the bird was isolated and was hunted by the lonely sun rays which had just raised over the mountains. The bird was unhappy with this natural phenomena. She felt as if the moon and the shining stars were her only friends and companion. The wonderful dreams for the bird and the moon was slowly heading towards them. An impressive conversation took place between them, and it was enough for the bird to be satisfied for the next few days. Before the mighty sun can enter the eyes of the bird, the serene moon described her about how life was miserable was for her. The bird wished to joined the moon and continue the conversation. “Hey, I am a lot brighter than my friends.” These were the lines the bird spoke. Yes, the bird was a shining star in the adorable sky.

Drawn by me!!
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