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Walking forth thru valleys

With the rising sun,

My blurred vision from a cold side,

Coned green cherished tree,

The gracious chilly ice slipping from them,

The rocky stone shaped as a man in solitude,

Rubies and diamonds embedded in the sky,

The haziest of the cloud makes the way to the heaven,

Like those valleys make the way,

I wish I had an angel to stand by my side,

For the valleys say it all,

Like divine complexion, with those golden dreams,

Situated beneath the golden sky,

And the tears of joy packed inside,

Between the morning sun and the starry night,

For the valleys say it all.

Mind without a fear to take a step,

When you don’t have anything to lose,

So why worry for a trifle thing,

And the birds, chirping,

The only reason nobody knows why,

When life is not living worth,

Cause they are not a part of the human kind,

For the valleys say it all. 

Singing a song of absurdity,

Time passed by,

So does the nature of the valley,

Birds weren’t chirping,

Sun wasn’t shining,

Stars weren’t sparkling, 

My ocean of mind,

Stuck between this dilemma,

The godly powers raised from the sea,

The world perishing into nothingness,

Here it was,

To give the punishments for our sins,

And the mankind deserved what it did,

But the valley came back into it’s beauty,

For the valleys say it all.


13 thoughts on “Walking forth thru valleys

  1. At times we feel so unsecured and unconformable in life that make us feel….I wish I have an angel to stand by my side, just has you have painted the picture here.

    All I have to say again is:well done William (wdw),for giving me another mental push.

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