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A street walk ( 1st part )

The hot tea kettle, placed beside the table and two cups at their places to be filled with them. With a swift move, my hands were with contact with the cups. As I took a slurp of the tea, I got a glimpse of my garden in which the flowers were budding. After a warm bath which refreshed my mood, I took on my shoes slightly adjusting the grip with my hands and went to the streets. A comforting day, with a fresh start to the world. An African lady walking past by me, an infant crying and some children enjoying their auspicious childhood days. The cold breeze whipping through my face, and sending a shiver upon my spine. The artistic street wall painting, crafted in different melodic colours. I entered McDonald’s, ate one hamburger and walked out. I simply detest eating apple pie, so one hamburger is enough to last me till the afternoon. The hustling bustling of the city, with my sunglasses on as the sun slowly and steadily shining more brighter. Some teens staring at the old Ford Mustang version of 1967. Billboards soaring high up in the limitless sky. It was a perfect start to such a comforting day until the presence of somebody was perceptible. I felt as if somebody was following me.

The story continues…


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