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The auspicious days

The days of youth were the days of paradise. Perhaps I wasted them, or perhaps I made too much a fuss of those- I can’t understand yet, though one thing I understand, there is no power more colorful and more valiant than the power of youth.

I remember the child who was less human and has the traits of a monkey, the teacher’s whip that came crackling on the head, and the exotic anecdotes of innocent mischief.


14 thoughts on “The auspicious days

  1. Life is a burning light of pure energy that fades only when we are down. Smile,relax and enjoy all you witness as the camera of your eyes records all. It is for a reason and we never die we just step out of the shell into another world of sunlight fused by the heat of love. Fear not a thing as it is all an illusion as we tread softly between the curtains always. The test is find the power that we call God and be warmed and safe forever.

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  2. Interesting piece! And with a touch of laugher and innocence; speaking tons about how we bind ourselves in rods and chains as we grow up, until we reach the point where we begin to hate ourselves, and our life, which is a menagerie of wounds and responsibilities.

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  3. It is as i see it dear people. Perhaps innocent though I served as war soldier for England abroad. i have seen UFO close up and the ghost of my father. If still innocent than Im happy. When man ages and nears the great divide he may see ,as I do it is all but an illusion, an act we all have in heaps to survive the horror of life with all its foils for it is all we know of. Our able minds can only go so far and like doubting Thomas we search for truth. facts and details was and is my life and love. But through it all i found God and to an ex army man that was a hard job he had to save me from myself. i have therefore no earthly doubt that he exists for he told me so when my father came back to prove it for a serious none believer in a black hole. It is for you to ask of him the same and if you are as down as i was then with dead wife in my arms and agents at my door to take my home off me then he may just want to save you too. magical and unbelievable it was but he won

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  4. Thank you for this really interesting piece, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I have just posted an article on my blog which is a piece of poetry about the power of youth. It would be great if you could check it out, as I would be really interested to hear your thoughts! Thanks πŸ™‚

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