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Getting paid back

A midget error came in mankind,

And it caused more than destruction,

The system stopped working,

And lead us to the right direction.

It came as a joke,

And then perished hundreds of lives,

Leaving a message to our hearts.

It was like a punishment to our sins to the nature,

And we got paid back.

We developed too far,

That we forgot what was the beauty.

We forgot the beauty that has been lost,

And the beauty has been turning to a beast,

And giving all of us what we deserved.

Photo by Joanne Adela Low on

3 thoughts on “Getting paid back

    1. I complete agree with you. The nature wanted to remind us that we should take care of it. We were developing so much ahead that now we were forgetting nature and letting it complete ruined and destroyed. This was the first time, the world stopped developing and growing. This brought a lesson for all of us.

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