Heal yourself and others

Dancing by the velvet moonlight doesn’t means healing, Don’t just live for yourself, Just give a thought only once, About other people in this world, If you can’t do great things, Then for the small thing you do, Do them greatly, Heal your lies that mark you, Heal other people’s life, Heal for the bettermentContinue reading “Heal yourself and others”

The game which makes me fall in dilemma

The game of life makes me puzzeled, The life is sometimes beautiful, And sometimes it can be obnoxious, Sometimes delightful, sometimes despondent, This is how life goes, Consider it as a short journey, Enjoy it as much as you can, The time is limited, So be quick with your actions. Life is a one stopContinue reading “The game which makes me fall in dilemma”

I am ready to face you

I am ready to face death, I think it as a gift of peace, Eternal peace and joy, Escaping from this melancholic world. I am not afraid of you, Cause I live to die, And I die to live. You are choosing the right person, Come and hunt for me, Tell my family members toContinue reading “I am ready to face you”

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