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Time ceased to have stir in the air, and waited for a long time. They both glared at each other, and the silence is reborn. It looks like I am lost in a sea of clone troopers, waiting for the Emperor to give his orders. An inferno was smothered into nothingness, and I was reborn like a golden Phoenix. The bees started sucking nectar from the honeycomb, life came back. Within, my forces lied an octopus of lies and truth. It had 8 legs, and each of them had different shades. Every song sung seemed like a lullaby levitating towards eternal peace. No one spoke a word, and the silence was gloomy.


4 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I’m sorry. I could not bring up any relatable feelings or images to my mind here. I usually, after reading of the poem can “see” or “feel” something. But then, THESE WORDS are YOUR thoughts and feelings, not mine. Beautiful and magical, adventurous and colorful… are your words as used. But, I am trying to fit with it all.

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