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Glamour Clamour

Glamour shines on my face,

A touch of golden flare.

Pink strawberries, vanilla and spice,

A hint of poetics here and there.

My heart breaks into a million echoes,

Tars spread near and wide.

Lines with gold and flowers,

And a body that is electrically divine.

And I tell myself,

“Hey listen. Your heart is beating fast.

For you are in a joy unknown before.

It’s your birthday today. Happy birthday to me .”


34 thoughts on “Glamour Clamour

  1. I have just started blogging and I found your blog you are a creative person and I like your photo. It looks nice. I am shocked that I have 0 followers I started blogging about 1 week ago and I still have 0 followers please follow me.

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