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Do not let me fade

A black eyed bird, comfortably adjusting herself to the branch. The moonbeams were slowly fading away from the tree. It felt as if the bird was isolated and was hunted by the lonely sun rays which had just raised over the mountains. The bird was unhappy with this natural phenomena. She felt as if the moon and the shining stars were her only friends and companion. The wonderful dreams for the bird and the moon was slowly heading towards them. An impressive conversation took place between them, and it was enough for the bird to be satisfied for the next few days. Before the mighty sun can enter the eyes of the bird, the serene moon described her about how life was miserable was for her. The bird wished to joined the moon and continue the conversation. “Hey, I am a lot brighter than my friends.” These were the lines the bird spoke. Yes, the bird was a shining star in the adorable sky.

Drawn by me!!

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